The Best Kind of “No”


Well, I received a no-but from an editor this week. She has suggested that I rework my book and is willing to read it again, after revisions are made.  This kind of “no” is the best of all no’s.

And yes, it makes me happy. I recognize that I have been given another chance to redeem myself.  This is a rare opportunity.

I recognize what needs to get done, and I need to throw myself into this project. This is difficult when I am so close to finishing another book.

Still, all day long my character has been whispering to me. Which for me is a very good sign.  I’m half way done a new outline, already.  This map has many more hills and valleys.  I should be able to start the revision process tomorrow.

One day to mope is a requirement, I think. Then, carry on writing and get ‘er done!

I will be drinking pots of tea and be barely coherent for several weeks, methinks.

One thought on “The Best Kind of “No”

  1. I think we may be kindred spirits. When I read your blog posts, I get chills. I am not really sure why, but I think it might be because I “feel” my mom looking over my shoulder as I read your posts. She and I could be writing the same words. You see, I was always intimidated and possibly jealous (ok, yes I was jealous, lol) of her talents. Of course I did not realize this until recently just after my dad died a year ago. I have been in serious denial for many years since she died in 2004. How so, you might ask? Um, it is beyond me. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am in agreement with your works that I have read so far. I am just getting started. That is why I had to write you a note. Your words could come from my own pen! Keep up the great work.


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