Breaking Down Barriers

I learned this week that my novel will be available as an audiobook! Dreamscape Media will be producing the audio version of A Cruel Light. I enjoyed listening to several actors’ auditions.

Though I know that many readers enjoy multi-tasking as they listen to audiobooks–hands freed to do other things as they enjoy books–I also realize that those with visual impairments, mobility challenges and literacy struggles face barriers that prevent them from reading. The fact that my book will be available for ALL to enjoy touches me more than I can adequately express.

Dreamscape Media

The narrator I chose has perfectly captured Annora’s emotionality, professionalism and wit. She smoothly moves between action, conversation, and Annora’s thoughts and feelings. What also delighted me is that she doesn’t rely on voice pitch to capture character or gender; she uses intonation to instill personality. I’m so impressed!

Right now, I do not feel it’s appropriate to name the narrator. I will wait to hear that she has signed on to the project, that she is TRULY on board.

I would like to thank Crooked Lane Books for making this happen! I had not expected to be involved in this process, and I am so grateful for the inclusion and all the choices that I was offered.

I can’t wait to listen to my book being read by this particular narrator as I have no doubt whatsoever she will add another dimension to my Gothic-thriller-art mystery-romantic suspense novel.

Dear Narrator– You portrayed Annora’s sensitivity in a way that was emotional but not melodramatic. I’m in awe of you. YOU read the book the way that I wished I could read it aloud. Thank you! I can’t wait to announce your name. I am a fan!

On this miserable, rainy day, I feel warmed to the core.

What a gift I have been given! Thank you, Crooked Lane Books. Thank you, Penguin Random House. Thank you, Dreamscape Media. Thank you, Narrator.