News About My Audiobook

I can now announce that actor Nan McNamara will be narrating A Cruel Light, and the Audiobook will release April 4th, 2023!

The audiobook will be available not only on Amazon, but also at Barnes and Noble, and through other booksellers internationally. (Canadians, I will let you know when it becomes available at Indigo).

Nan McNamara is a diverse actor who has played memorable roles on television and stage, and she has narrated over two hundred books, bringing characters to life with an emotionality that is both subtle and rich.

Nan McNamara

If you click on the link, you’ll get a taste of her narrative style–which I love! She uses intonation wonderfully, and she does not focus on voice pitch to capture character or gender! Hearing her read in Annora’s voice left me speechless in the best way! I also felt she captured Lilith’s personality too (layered, elegant, witty and playful) There are many characters in my gothic thriller/mystery–ranging from Mac’s daughter, a university student, to a group of seniors who helped make the town of Bliss River infamous for its art community. Let’s just say that Nan will be voicing a full cast of characters– in essence, an entire town.

Dreamscape Inc and Crooked Lane Books sent me links to several auditions. But it was Nan’s incredible range and how she smoothly shifted between characters that drew me in immediately. I am thankful to have been included into the decision making process.

Nan explains her narration process in this interview.

I’d especially like to thank Nan McNamara for taking on this project, for giving my story a voice and for making my story accessible to everyone. I know this considerable project is in the best hands. I can barely wait to hear the whole book!


For the Love of Art

Because I have always loved art and have been in awe of artists, I was inspired to write a novel that features an art conservator and uses art to solve a cold case. For several years, I’ve been exploring ekphrastic poetry and micro fiction; I allow art to speak to me and put those feelings and thoughts and interpretations to paper.

As I wrote “A Cruel Light” and as I work on my second Annora Garde Mystery, I did and do absolutely have to keep balance in mind–ensuring that I give equal attention to action, conflict, mystery, suspense, romance, tensions, mood and atmosphere.

Still, as I research, when I find a piece of art or an artist who sets my brain on fire, it’s hard to tighten the reins and not go purple-prose-galloping across my page lickety split.

Take today. Today, while researching figurative art of the 1930s, I learned about Prudence Heward. I’m developing a fictional female artist whose expressionist style was both brash yet beautiful. And I’m now art-crushin’ on this powerhouse.

Girl on a Hill, Efa Prudence Hewerd, 1928

As a child, she suffered great loss. As a young woman, she traveled Europe and studied painting — one of her teachers also taught Matisse. She was a fellow Montrealer and someone who did things ‘her way,’ I feel a connection to her, see her as a kindred spirit, but I need to pull back, need to leave it be. Meanwhile, I am spellbound. Who were you, the author in me keeps asking. Where is your art now and who is keeping it beautiful?

Artist, artist, you are beautiful too.

Anna, Efa Prudence Heward, 1927