Half fiinished
Celebrate the process!


Well, my goal had been to finish a novel in 12 weeks.  I’ve finished a little over half of my 65,000 word suspense mystery —35,000 words.  I could beat myself up, let myself feel like I’ve failed.  Instead, I’ll not only forge ahead but celebrate what I’ve managed to accomplish.


First, I need to thank Colin who works so hard out of the home.  He is—in every way—my art patron. Without his support, I would not be able to write.

So, I took a good, long look at what else I’ve done over the past three months WHILE working on my novel:


Mom Time 1

Approx. 500 hours of ‘quality time’ with my daughter.  Playing together, reading together, working on crafts and art projects, taking her to afterschool activities like her book club and First Communion classes (as non-Catholics) and Zumba, spa-fun afternoons, helping with homework, listening to problems and helping her find solutions, styling hair, swimming together, shopping for shoes (never ending!), volunteering on school field trips, attending special school functions like talent shows and family fun nights, planning March break and Professional Development day activities, occasional ‘home schooling’, playing board games, watching family movies, going to splash parks, planning  and then hosting her 8th birthday party (which included homemade invitations and cake), weekly trips to the library and selecting appropriate reading material, painting and ‘tweening-up’ her bedroom (a two week family project), cuddling, attending to those ‘teaching moments,’ nightly prayers.

Mom Time 2

Approx. 600 hours of taking care of my family. cooking and baking, making daily smoothies, preparing and packing school lunches and snacks, doing dishes by hand, laundry (including hanging up two loads a week), sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, grocery shopping, garbage and recycling, general tidying-up, preparing weekend picnics and family take-along-lunches, gifts for friend’s birthdays, Easter (’nuff said), costumes assembled for talent show/grade 2 production, school forms signed and Scholastic books ordered, teacher/parent communication, photographing special moments.

Mom Time 3 

Approx. 60 hours of being ‘Doctor Mom.’ General first aid, trip to the hospital, nursing a knee injury, caring for a patient with the stomach flu, administering cold medication, application of sunblock.

Kitty Mom Time 4 

Approx. 40 hours. Rescuing a kitten, bottle feeding, cuddling, litterbox training, bathing, shopping, weaning and teaching my daughter about what is involved in caring for a very young pet (3 weeks old.)

Also, in the midst of all this, my sister had a heart attack, and I did my best to support her by making her several meals and caring for my niece for a few days. I was so worried about her that I had a hard time concentrating on anything else.  She is better!  I think it scared me more than it did her.

I entered CV2’s two day poetry contest in April and gave it my all. (about 20 hours) There are six placements.  If I win even a nod?  I’ll turn cartwheels.

Add to this? Our building’s hallways are being renovating , and I am constantly hearing workmen on the other side of our door.  Picture trying to write as you hear someone ripping out a carpet.

I hope to write 10 pages a week over the summer …   This will mostly be done between 10 pm and midnight.

I’m enjoying the writing process. And I’m enjoying life at the same time.

Carpe Diem, People!